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Life's Ending Is A Surprise Quiz

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

It's hard to understand why we lose some people when we do, it's never easy and most certainly always painful...

Life can seem unpleasant and unfair. Sometimes it is as though the odds are stacked against you and you will never get ahead. You may struggle to keep your head above water amid it all and often lean on your friends and family for support. The relationships that we form throughout life allows us to feel as though we are not alone in our journey but occasionally they leave long before we might think is fair.

It's not our decision as to whether they go or remain however. Each of us is on our own path, we are all just sharing the road. As much as we might bump elbows with one another along the way and our destinations are likely the same, each of us is on our own journey and writing our own story.

It may be that we are here on Earth to learn how to be "there", wherever or whatever that is. Truly we don't know where we go when we leave here or even if we go anywhere at all. That part of the story is kept from us all. We each have our own ideas and some of them vary greatly but that isn't much different than it is in the world as we know it. The difference is that here we are still learning how to share the road.

As we travel along throughout our lives we learn compassion, love, trust, patience. We learn how to forgive as well as how to have empathy. How to support each other and how to ask for help. We learn the hardest lessons often only through our relationships with other people and sadly, our loss of them.

You've likely heard the expression "only the good die young". It's an unfortunate fact that we often see brilliant and inspiring people depart long before we would like, often much younger than even ourselves. They are like a flash in the pan. They are here holding our hand one minute and then just gone the next.

We're not talking about a friend that you have a disagreement with and it costs you a friendship. We're talking about someone you love who dies. Be it family or friends and significant others or even a beloved pet for that matter. When you love someone or something that you feel close to it is a devastation when they are no longer there. Plans unfulfilled, dreams left unattended. No matter how you actually grieve the loss there is a significant and lasting impact in their passing. The world seems somehow emptier without them in it.

Think back to when you were attending school, if you are currently in school the same is applicable. There are always kids that get it quickly and move on and there are always a few others that have to do it a few times to figure it out correctly. Some kids skip grades while others repeat them. Some kids complete their education early and some never finish their education at all.

So too is life.

For some it takes a long time, but for others it is a quick trip; they already possess such a perfect love and such an understanding of their role in humanity that they find their way home before most. They are such perfect people (in as much a a person can be perfect) that their time here had been served. They've learned their lessons a bit quicker than the rest of us and have been given a turn at an early recess. One day, those they leave behind will also learn what we need to move on and then it will be our turn.

Thankfully, just knowing people like them is a help to the rest of us. We learn so much from them that our journey is also quickened without our realization. We can never know when our time will come, so in the interim we just need to keep learning and doing our best to emulate those who have left us before until it does.

It is never easy to lose someone you love or respect and one day someone is going to feel the same way as you do now, when it is your time to go. In the meantime, live, learn, love the life you have and the education that you are receiving from it. By spreading the spirit of those who have left us behind in the form of good will and compassion to others, by remembering them and sharing stories of their life and actions with others, we allow the lessons they learned to be passed on. Hopefully helping those we share with to learn what it is they need to learn to also graduate this life, and in doing so, graduate ourselves.

In the meantime, study diligently, work hard and love long, life's ending is a surprise quiz.


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