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A Few Things Learned Thus Far...

All things that are worth doing in life are going to be difficult. That is why there are so few exceptional people. Exceptional takes effort and mediocre is easy. Do not settle for mediocrity, it is the path of sheep. Be a wolf, overcome adversity. Do not allow yourself to dwell in the Palace of Negativity; see each day for it's good, even at it's worst. You can never be disappointed that way and the rewards will taste sweeter.

In regards to earning a living wage, it is better to be employed when there are so many short of work than to not. Many people would gladly trade their spot on the unemployment line to work for people they hate, in a place they dislike, away from those they love and for less than they are worth, because there is fortune to be found in a paycheck should you invest wisely. So work hard and plan for the future in a way that will allow for leisure and easy living.

It is a simple thing to get discouraged in life, but shake it off. It doesn't control you, you are in control of you and the path ahead of you. You might not always enjoy the ride, it is bound to be rough in spots, but you can control how you react to the road beneath you and which direction you will travel, and in the end, once the ride is done and you have reached your destination, you should be able to look back at the trip as a job well done. A journey fulfilled, a challenge met and conquered without regret, without what if and/or why.

Don't be afraid to take on rough terrain, you never know what might lie on the other side and if you don't at least attempt it you may run the risk of regret later. At least there is honour in failure, wherein there is none in having never tried.

The world was not ever altered by those who were content where they were. So forge your path through the darkest, thickest of muck. It's where the soul flourishes best and where we shine most brightly.

Live free, go far...


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