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Helmeted Guinea Fowl

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The Helmeted Guinea Fowl is the most well-known Guinea breed. As other Guinea species, it’s endemic to Africa. The Helmeted Guinea Fowl has 9 subspecies that vary a little from each other in size, features and place of living across the continent.

Helmeted Guineafowl are a relatively large plump chicken-sized bird with a characteristic humped-back appearance. It generally has a slate-grey plumage (the most common color-variety) which is speckled with numerous white spots. Helmeted Guineas also have short featherless necks, and small bare heads with a scimitar-shaped bony casques. Both sexes are identical in appearance, but the wattles of the male are much larger than those of the female.

Helmeted Guinea Fowl usually remain monogamous and live in big flocks that forage together for food on open ground. They feed mainly on seeds, roots, rodents, small reptiles, crawling insects and occasionally feed on vegetation and fruits.

Female Helmeted Guineas are seasonable layers of cream-brown, pear-shaped eggs (usually 6 – 12 eggs per clutch), and they solely incubate. The males feed their mates during courtship and they also guard them during egg laying and incubation. Guinea keets are reared by both parents and they can fly weakly when they are 2 weeks old. Helmeted Guinea Fowl are also available in different color-varieties other than grey such as; white, lavender and purple.

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