Silver Prairie Stock & Poultry Farm

Breed Conservation In The Heart Of Central Alberta, Canada

With years of expertise and experience, Silver Prairie Stock & Poultry Farm stand to be regarded as an ethical breeder of elite quality outputs. Whether it is stock or poultry, every decision is inspired by our main mission, which is to achieve the highest standard of perfection when selecting for breeding conformation, while providing the optimal conditions for our overall stock to thrive.


At Silver Prairie Stock & Poultry Farm we feel that our mission statement is worth repeating. It's the core of our principles in operations daily and the most important ingredient in breed conservation overall.


The saying goes, if you find a job that you love, that you will never work a day in your life. It's probably even better if you can wake up every day in your own personal paradise.

For some, the call of beaches and tropical destinations is a yearly goal. At Silver Prairie Stock & Poultry Farm we believe there is simply no greater pleasure than to walk out to a farm of glorious creatures in the crisp morning dawn.

Our relationship with our stock is one of love, compassion and care. They are not a means to end or a potential for profit. The stock on our farm is our pursuit of passion and we take our role as stewards in their preservation very seriously. Taking care to provide nothing short of the best possible environment for their overall health and safety.

Located in the Heart of Alberta, Canada, Silver Prairie Stock & Poultry Farm works tirelessly to preserve the standards that are expected of heritage based breeds to further exemplify their specific qualities. Discerning the correctable faults and selecting for breeding combinations or pairings that offer the best chance of minimizing them in future offspring.